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Dental Bridge

Why Choose A Dental Bridge to Replace Teeth?

Lost a couple of teeth to severe oral disease or got a gap in your in-between that is ruining your appearance & smile. We bring you the ultimate solution to get them replaced so you can stop feeling self-conscious & build up your self-esteem every time you talk or laugh in public. People have been advising you how great dental implants are, but you’re doubtful to invest in them. And you should be because are expensive & take several months. Fortunately, there’s another alternative to replace your lost teeth – Dental Bridges.


Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth in a row. This set of prosthetic teeth includes several dental crowns strung together. A crown is put over the natural tooth, called abutment teeth. Artificial teeth are attached to these crowns, directly bridging the gap. Once the bridge is in place, it can restore your smile, you can eat without having something stuck, and can talk without any hesitation.


A biocompatible titanium dental implant is used that imitates the root structure of a lost tooth. During oral surgery, the post is put directly into your jawbone. Over the next few months, the implant merges with your jawbone until it’s able to act as the basis of your replacement tooth. However, you typically have to wait until this process is finished.


The cost of dental bridges relies on the following factors:-

  • Need for further procedures in adjoining teeth.
  • The artistic technique of the dentist.
  • Location of the dentist.
  • The coverage comes under dental insurance.
  • The material used in the bridge.
  • The preparation of teeth.

Bridges can range in cost from $500to $2,000 per tooth based on the above. Keep in mind that the price is for each tooth replacement. Consider you need a single tooth to be replaced, but your bridge might have three points, meaning you’re paying for three artificial teeth. In the case of this, the cost would range from $2,200 to $5,000.


While many dentists advise dental bridges rather than implants, they’re recommending them for the sake of your oral health. Some of the advantages of a dental bridge are:

  • Bridges don’t need that you get oral surgery, while implant placement does. But, some patients must undergo a bone grafting process to prepare their jawbone.
  • Dental implants are extremely expensive compared to bridges. Bridges are also likely to be covered by your dental insurance, but implants may not. So, a dental bridge might be the best option for you.
  • A bridge can be placed in as few as two or three appointments. Implants take multiple appointments over several months.

Although a dental implant is a more popular choice, bridges offer their own impressive set of benefits. Eventually, though, only your dentist can advise you which alternative would be more suitable for you. Schedule an appointment with a dentist in Cedar Park to determine which solution would be the right one for your smile.