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Three Things to Expect When Getting a Denture!

Dental dentures are a great solution for patients who have multiple missing teeth or have lost all their teeth. Factors such as infections, dental, decay, accidents, old age, etc. can cause loss of multiple teeth.

While people have several misconceptions about dentures, are some things you need to know when your Cedar Park dentist recommends you to get dentures.

1. There is a learning curve to the denture

It can take some time for patients to get used to their dentures. Patients need to learn how to speak and eat while wearing their dentures. As dentures cannot be anchored in the jaw, they tend to move around in the mouth of the patient. This requires the cheek and tongue muscles to adapt to dental dentures. This learning period can last from a few days to a few months, depending upon the patient and their ability to adjust.

Your dentist in 78613 will help you with tips and guides on how to adjust to your new dentures.

2. You will develop sore spots when you first receive the denture

Development of sore spots is common when a patient starts using dentures. Patients should contact their dentist in Cedar Park, TX and schedule an appointment at the earliest. Patients are recommended to wear their dentures on the day of their appointment to enable the dentist in 78613 to identify these sore spots and make the required adjustments. Dental dentures can require a few adjustments before the patient can get comfortable and used to their dentures.

3. You will develop sore spots when you first receive the denture

Like natural teeth, dentures to need to be cleaned and require daily maintenance to avoid building up of stains, dental plaque, and other food material. Using an over-the-counter denture cleaner can be effective. Patients need to simply follow the instructions of the manufacturer, which often includes brushing the denture with a soft brush and a non-abrasive cleanser.

Dentures can be fragile, and patients should avoid dropping their dentures while cleaning them. Also, dentures need to be stored in safe and hygienic locations which cannot be reached by children or pets. Most Cedar Park dentist would recommend to avoid using harsh toothpaste or stiff brushes to clean dental dentures.

Feel free to contact Town Center Dental to know more about dental dentures. Our team of dental experts will be happy to answer your queries.