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Teeth Whitening Treatment Cedar Park

Teeth Whitening Is The Most Popular Procedure For Cosmetic Dentists

An essential thing on your face people notice is your smile. According to research, white-colored smiles are more attractive. Scientists found that people think pearly white teeth are more beautiful than teeth that are yellow or uneven. This is because adult teeth show aging, health, and environmental and traumatic events. In other words, white teeth are a sign of youth and good health.

Several things, like getting older, smoking, eating and drinking things that stain teeth, smoking, and taking certain medications, can cause teeth to become discolored and stained. Genes can even play a part.

Even though stained or yellowed teeth are usually only a matter of appearance and not dental health, they can make people feel bad about themselves. Many try not to smile because their teeth aren’t white, yellow, or stained. Research shows that about 80% of Americans between 18 and 49 want their teeth to be whiter.

Teeth whitening is the safest, easiest, and least expensive way to get a great smile, which is why it is the number one procedure that cosmetic dentists do today.

Teeth Whitening Is The Most Popular Procedure For Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on treatments that make your teeth look better, but not always how they work. Cosmetic dentists do more than whiten your teeth. They also do things like dental veneers, dental bonding, dental crowns, dental implants, and other things that make your teeth look better.

The most popular of these is teeth whitening, also called cosmetic tooth bleaching. This is because it can help fix stained or discolored teeth. So many people get cosmetic tooth bleaching that it is now a $3.2 billion industry worldwide. Teeth whitening is a big business, but Hollywood stars are no longer the only ones who do it.

There are now many different ways to whiten your teeth. The active ingredient in these products, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, works when it breaks down into oxygen and gets into the tooth enamel. Once there, the oxygen makes spots on the enamel lighter.

People can whiten their teeth at home or a cosmetic dentist’s office. Both options have pros and cons. There are toothpaste, strips, kits, and even unique lights that you can use to whiten your teeth at home. These products and treatments are easy to use and convenient. Still, they may not be as safe or effective as getting your teeth whitened in a dentist’s office, especially if your teeth are very stained or sensitive. Whitening your teeth can make your teeth sensitive and even hurt the roots of your teeth. If you whiten your teeth at home, you might not notice the signs of root damage and keep whitening your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth bleaching is more effective than doing it yourself. In-office teeth whitening gives fast and noticeable results. Depending on the procedure and how badly your teeth are stained, it can make them up to 8 shades whiter in 45 to 90 minutes. For DIY methods to work, you have to use a product for weeks before you start to see results.

In many cases, cosmetic dentists do in-office teeth whitening to “jumpstart” the whitening process and then give their patients at-home teeth whitening systems so they can keep whitening their teeth. Some at-home methods include bleach trays made just for you and whitening gels.

Professional teeth whitening is safer than whitening your teeth at home with products you can buy at the store. This is especially true for people with sensitive teeth, which could signify a more serious problem. Also, cosmetic dentists know how to spot the signs and symptoms of sharp teeth and tooth root damage.

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