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Saving Your Tooth in Three Steps: Dental Crowns

Have you wondered what goes into the process, when you get your dental treatment at your Cedar Park dentist? Well, it may seem to be a complex process, but it has a logical structure and can be comprehensive enough to understand.

One of the most crucial advents in dentistry has been the development of crowns. Crowns have singlehandedly saved people from having imperfect smiles or misaligned confidence because of chipped teeth, broken teeth or damaged teeth. If you have undergone a dental treatment for fitting crown, you would know that it needs an expert dentist near Cedar Park TX to make sure the crown fit rights by all means.

If you have ever wondered what goes behind the scenes, here is what you would love knowing:

1. Preparing Your Tooth.

The very first step starts with a mouth cleaning. It is imperative to have a clean mouth. If not done to perfection, any remains near the roots or on the chipped tooth may cause the mould to get misaligned. Hence, the entire mouth is cleaned up.

2. Impressions.

Post the cleaning, the dental expert will get your impressions. There are several ways and dimensions of getting the impression – there are clay moulds, there are bit imprints and a few other ways to get the perfect shape of your desired tooth crown.

3. Placing the New Crown.

Finally, once the crown is attained by the dental expert, it is fit over your tooth and set up with the bridges as and when required. Many a time, the dentist will make adjustments to the crown and resend it to the laboratory to get the precise crown shape. Once this revision is made, the crown will be a perfect fit for your tooth.

It is imperative to get the right dentist in 78613 who will clean up your mouth, take the very precise impressions and fix the crown exactly where it’s required. Hence it is highly recommended that you visit experienced dental experts, such as Town Center Dental to ensure that the entire process right from preparing your mouth to fitting the crown is seamless.