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root canal infection signs

3 Common Signs Of Root Canal Infection You Should Not Ignore

Across the globe, people opt for root canal treatments because of root canal infections. This makes root canal treatment among the most commonly opted for dental procedures. According to the American Association of Endodontists, the annual number of root canal procedures stands around 15 million in the U.S.

Human teeth are made up of four layers, namely enamel, dentin, cementum, and the pulp that consists of a tooth’s connective tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. In a root canal infection, a tooth’s pulp is infected and starts decaying. Thus, a dentist makes a small incision in the infected tooth to clean the decay from the said tooth’s pulp and roots in a root canal procedure.

A root canal infection does not happen overnight and progresses in stages. Thus, it is better to consult a dentist immediately in case you feel or see any kind difference in your teeth in general. Listed below are the three common symptoms of a root canal infection.

#1 Swollen Gums: One of the most common signs of a root canal infection is swelling in the gums because of the acidic wastes released from the dying pulp tissues. For some people, the swollen gums might be occasional and they could experience tenderness in the gums as well. In this case, it is better to visit a dentist for root canal therapy in Cedar Park, TX.

#2 Constant Toothache: Generally, in the early stages of a root canal infection, people feel a constant ache in the infected tooth. Some people feel this pain constantly while others feel this at intervals. In case of persistent pain, early diagnosis with proper treatment is the only option for nipping this infection in the bud.

#3 Sensitivity Issues: Many people experience a toothache while drinking hot or cold beverages or eating warm food. In this case, it is common to experience a dull and lingering ache or a sharp pain immediately after consuming anything hot or cold, such as tea, coffee, cold drinks, etc. The toothache that you feel is indicative of the infected or damaged blood vessels and nerve endings inside the tooth, which needs to be treated immediately.

As a precautionary step, it is always better to get a consultation from an endodontist near you to know for sure whether you have a root canal infection. If yes, knowing about the methods of treatment suitable for you is the first step in fighting the infection. At Town Center Dental, we have the best dentists for root canal treatment in Cedar Park, TX, who thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to create an effective treatment plan for you.