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Denture Treatment in Cedar Park

Why Are Dentures The Best Option For Your Missing Teeth?

Dentures are considered one of the most popular treatment options for missing teeth. It is made using various types of materials. Some of them include acrylic plastic materials, porcelain and metal materials. Dentures look quite similar to natural teeth. Therefore it is beneficial for those who feel disappointed when trying to cope with missing teeth. It is also affordable, making it an ideal choice for a minimal budget. 

Types of Dentures

Dentures are further classified into two types. They are full dentures and partial dentures. If you want a full row of missing teeth to be replaced, a full denture is what you should consider. However, if you want to fill up the teeth gaps in the area of the missing teeth, then partial dentures are enough for you.

Immediate Dentures

A dentist in Cedar Park may suggest partial dentures if your teeth need to be prevented from changing positions. You can choose either an immediate denture or a conventional denture. However, a dental examination is required before proceeding with the immediate denture method. Once the natural tooth is extracted, the tooth replacement by placing dentures will be performed on the same day as immediate dentures. It comes with some benefits, such as reducing the possibility of bleeding and enhanced protection of the tissues. However, in a conventional denture, you will have to wait for as long as eight to twelve weeks which would help the gum to heal. Thus it takes a significant amount of time compared to immediate dentures. Partial dentures are suitable for those who still have some natural teeth left in them. 

Multiple Visits To The Dentist May Be Needed

The denture placement process requires a few visits to the dental office. The first visit will be as part of the initial diagnosis. The dentist will then have to understand your jaw’s position. You can also discuss the right color and shape of the dentures with the dentist. Finally, the dentist will check whether the dentures need any adjustment before replacing the missing teeth. 

Taking Care Of Dentures

Dentures require proper care. Clean the replaced teeth by making use of a denture cleaner. Similarly, you should remove it before brushing your natural teeth. Ensure that dentures are soaked in water whenever you are not using it. Remove the dentures right before you go to sleep. It is because proper rest is also required for the gum tissues. 

As suggested by the dentist, dental visits are important to check whether any adjustments or remake is required going forward. Do not try to adjust the dentures yourself. Instead, visit your nearest dentist in Cedar Park, TX, for dentures.