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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Teeth

Are you looking for a method to improve the appearance of your teeth? You may believe the dentist near me is only capable of filling and pulling out teeth. However, you are suggested to remember dentists are all experienced to provide cosmetic dentistry as a method of improving your appearance. These treatments are beneficial to lighten, straighten, repair and reshape teeth. The treatments for cosmetic dentistry may include bridges, crowns, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, implants as well as tooth whitening.

Who Should You Contact For Any Treatments Of the Cosmetic Variety?

It is suggested that you contact cosmetic dentistry in Cedar Park, TX for the treatments you need. You will initially be required to have a consultation with the dentist for determining the kind of treatment needed. After the consultation, you will be provided information about whether you just need teeth whitening which is a normal procedure, need implants or any other treatments to improve your appearance.

Can I Lighten The Color of My Discolored Teeth?

Yes, tooth whitening is a highly effective method of lightening the natural color of your teeth without removing the surface of the tooth. The changes from this procedure will not be dramatic but it can certainly improve the color from the existing shade.

Can Crooked And Twisted Teeth Be Straightened As Well?

Dentist Cedar Park, TX can straighten crooked teeth with braces. Although this procedure is usually provided in the teenage year’s many adults are also looking forward to the treatment to straighten their crooked teeth. The treatment will take much longer in adults and can, therefore, be more expensive.

Some people can choose to have clear or plastic braces which are barely noticeable. You must be having a consultation with your dental team if you are considering orthodontic treatments for advice. They can discuss with you the treatment options available and if necessary refer you to an orthodontist or dentist 78613 who specializes in this treatment. You can also choose to have invisible braces that are available. Your dentist will prepare for you a series of clear plastic aligners similar to a mouthguard which need to be worn in your mouth for approximately 22 hours a day to gradually move your teeth into a new position.

Can I Have Tooth Jewelry?

If you want to have a fancy appearance you can certainly ask your dentist about tooth jewelry. This practice involves sticking tiny jewels on the teeth with the help of dental cement. The procedure must be completed by an experienced dentist with the ability to remove them at some time if necessary. However, you must remember to keep the area around the jewel clean because plaque can easily build up around it making you a potential candidate for tooth decay.

What Other Procedures Can I Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry?

As mentioned earlier dentists experienced in cosmetic dentistry can provide you with several options to improve your appearance. If you have cracked teeth you may be recommended veneers that are made to fit on the visible surface of your front teeth.

If you need fillings in your mouth dentists experienced in cosmetic dentistry are now offering white fillings instead of amalgam fillings that were popular for over a century because these were the strongest and long-lasting materials available. However, it is common for people to feel they are not an attractive option and some concerns about health risks also exist. White fillings make it easier to find a perfect match to the shade of a particular tooth. The material for the white filling can as well be used to cover unsightly marks on teeth similarly as veneers.

Can I Request My Dentist To Provide Any Treatment I Want?

You certainly have the option of requesting cosmetic dentistry in Cedar Park, TX the treatment you would like to have for improving your appearance. However, you are advised to remember the dentist will be the final authority on whether you are considered suitable for the treatment. He or she will examine your mouth before determining the type of treatment best suited for your condition. Therefore, you must approach the dentist with an open mind and be prepared to accept the decision of the dentist as they are the professionals in this field and are better qualified to handle cosmetic dentistry.