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5 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Partial Denture

The removable partial dentures are natural in appearance but have artificial tooth attached to an oral appliance. A custom-design partial denture takes the place of missing teeth by filling in the gaps between the existing or healthy teeth, says dentist in 78613.

The partial dentures provided by the Cedar Park dentist can last for a long time with proper care and dental visits. However, even your partial dentures need replacement. But the pertinent question is how to know if you need to replace the partial dentures. Here’s a look a look at some signs that say it is the time to replace partial dentures:

  • Excessive Slipping

The partial dentures are supposed to fit snugly and comfortably for quite a while. But with bone shrinkage and other oral health changes, the partial dentures begin to slip or not fit as well as they used to do when you put them in first. If you have to keep on applying denture adhesive throughout the day or see your dentist for readjustment more often than before, it is time to consider new partial dentures.

  • Wear and Tear

The small fractures on your partial denture or severely warn areas may signify pending breakage. It is better to change your partial denture rather than have it break suddenly creating a mess.

  • Changes in Speech

When the partial denture doesn’t fit properly, you may notice changes in speech. Just like the full dentures, you may notice a prolonged ‘S’ sound when you speak which is almost like a whistle. This can be unexpected and embarrassing.

  • Difficulty Chewing

The dentist near Cedar Park TX says that if you suddenly feel difficulty in chewing your favorite food items, this is in a way good indicator that your jawbone has shrunk and the partial dentures no longer fit.

You must contact a dentist near you for when your partial dentures don’t fit correctly. They make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. The dentist will assess your dental condition and replace your partial dentures as per your new fit of your mouth.