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4 Oral Health Signs That You Should Not Ignore

The constant rat race to reach the attic of success and achieving professional goals have put our health in the back seat. What most of us fail to realize is one can only perform if he/she has a healthy body. Less time and other priorities compel most of the people to ignore signs of dental problems. These minor issues ultimately take a toll on their overall physical health and turn out to be nightmares. If you belong to this percentage of the mass, now it’s the time to stop.

Here at Town Center Dental, our motto is not just to provide quality dental services but also to make people aware of certain information related to their oral health. As a result, we came up with a blog where the alarming signs that you should not ignore your teeth and gums have been discussed in detail. Give the sections below a diligent read and stay equipped with the knowledge to act when required.


Alarming signs of Oral Health


  • Teeth sensitivity – Do you suffer from tremendous pain and sensitivity while eating hot or cold food? If yes, then do not think of it to be normal. Millions of people suffer from the problem of teeth sensitivity across the globe. Not addressing this problem can put your oral health in jeopardy and be the reason for severe dental issues. Though, do not be scared of sensitive teeth. It can be easily treated by just consulting a dentist. The dental professionals might advise you to undergo descaling or taking medication. Nowadays, you can get toothpaste that is specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. 
  • Intolerable pain – You should consult an emergency dentist immediately if there is an unexplained pain around your mouth or oral cavity. The pain can be caused due to bruxism which is generally caused by grinding of teeth while sleeping, infection in your teeth roots, serious gum problems, etc. You can also choose to visit an emergency dentist if you cannot tolerate the pain and wait for the next dental check-up. 
  • Other medical conditions – It is to be noted that several medical conditions can have a direct negative impact on your dental health. One of such many conditions is undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnancy can also cause disruptions in hormones and ultimately have a negative effect on your teeth. Dental professionals say that people suffering from diabetes are more likely to have bad oral health. If you have any such medical condition, do inform your dentist without any hesitation. 
  • Persistent bad breath – Another sign that you should never ignore is persistent bad breath. You need to realize that bad breath is not normal. It can be caused due to plaque buildup, teeth decay, and gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease). Maintaining proper oral hygiene can be an effective way to avoid this problem. If the issue continues, consult a dentist as early as possible.


You have now gathered detailed information about the signs related to oral health that one should not ignore. In case of any further questions related to this topic, do get in touch with our dentist in Cedar Park, TX.