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Teeth Whitening in Cedar Park

3 Things You Should Know About Professional Teeth Whitening in Cedar Park

If you’re looking for a whiter smile, you may consider professional teeth whitening. Here are three things you should know about this popular treatment:

  1. Finding a reputable dental service provider who uses safe, effective products is essential.
  2. The results are not permanent, so you’ll need regular touch-ups to maintain your whitened smile.
  3. This treatment is an investment in your appearance, so be sure to factor that into your budget.

A bright smile can be your best asset, so it’s no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. You can whiten teeth naturally also, but if you’re considering professional teeth whitening in Cedar Park, here are the three things you should need to know:

1. The Cost Of Professional Teeth Whitening In Cedar Park

When it comes to teeth whitening, there are a few things you should know. First, professional teeth whitening is more expensive than over-the-counter options. The average cost of this treatment varies, while the average price of an over-the-counter kit is $50.

Professional teeth whitening is more effective than over-the-counter options. Over-the-counter kits only contain a small number of bleaching agents, so they are not as effective at removing deep stains. This treatment uses a more potent bleaching agent to remove even the deepest stains.

This treatment is safer than over-the-counter options. Over-the-counter kits can cause gum irritation and tooth sensitivity because they use more bleaching agents.

Before making an appointment with their dentist, many people in Cedar Park who are thinking about getting their teeth whitened first try out some teeth whitening strips at home.

2. The Chance Of Bleaching Your Teeth Unevenly

When you use teeth-whitening strips, one of the most significant risks is that they won’t whiten your teeth evenly, which you might need for a good result. Some parts of your teeth may not be completely attached to the whitening strip. As a result, there is a chance that some parts of your teeth won’t get completely whitened. Therefore professional teeth whitening becomes necessary.

3. You Can Encounter Gum Troubles

One of the most common problems that people with teeth whitened face are problems with their gums. The bleaching ingredient in many retail strips can irritate the gums and damage soft tissues over time. Because of this, you must keep the whitening chemical from getting on your gums at all costs. When you use strips, you will probably find that you can’t do this, and your gums may bleed or have other problems.

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